For years my husband was a regular at the chiropractor’s office; he’d be there twice a week to get his back “adjusted.” Needless to say, he was their best customer.

Then one day the chiropractor was nice enough to tell my husband how to “crack” his back. Now I’ve been doing it for him for several years and his visits to the chiropractor are down to once a year.

Here’s what I do. It’s pretty simple and it doesn’t hurt.

Basically, the idea is to put slight pressure in the middle of the back so that it “cracks” slightly and relieves pressure and pain. You might get this affect by just having a child sit on your back. It’s just like cracking your knuckles—same idea.

Have the person lie down on their stomach on a bed with their head at the edge. Stand by their head, facing them.

Ask them to to inhale deeply and then exhale.

Take one hand and place it over the other hand. Lay your hands in the top middle area near the person’s shoulder blades. When you know that they’ve exhaled, press both hands firmly down and put a little of your weight into it. Move slowly down the middle of the person’s back, and repeat. If it works, you should hear a small “pop,” like cracking knuckles.

You can also ask the person to lay on the floor on their stomach and then have one of your kids walk on their back. This has a similar affect. You’ll hear a “pop.”

If you currently see a chiropractor, ask them to show you how to do this.


  • Stop immediately if the person is uncomfortable.
  • This works for my husband but his back problems are minor. Don’t try this unless you talk to a chiropractor.