How to Conceal Facial Scars

By Tricia Goss

Facial scars--whether a result of acne, an accident or surgery--can make you feel self conscious. If you know the correct way to apply concealing makeup, you can go about life without feeling embarrassed.

Conceal Facial Scars

Step 1

Apply moisturizing lotion to your clean face. Make sure your moisturizer is not tinted, and always use a moisturizer that has sunscreen. While this is important for any skin, it is crucial for facial scars. Exposure to the sun can make your scarring appear more red and dark.

Step 2

Spread face primer onto your skin using your fingertips. Primer fills in any pitted or dimpled areas on your face, minimizing the appearance of scars (and wrinkles), and allowing your makeup to go on more smoothly. It also helps your makeup look fresh for hours.

Step 3

Apply a matte foundation to your entire face. A matte foundation will provide coverage, hydration and consistent coloring to your whole face without drawing attention to your scar. Opt for a mousse foundation over a liquid, as the liquid will attract and reflect light, which might make your scar more noticeable.

Step 4

Pour a small amount of concealer into the palm of one hand. While it might seem backwards to put concealer on after your foundation, if you put the concealer on first you might wipe it away when applying the foundation.

Step 5

Hold your palms together to warm the concealer. This will help it go on more smoothly. Use your ring finger to dot small amounts of concealer directly onto any scarring. Feather the concealer out to the edge of the scarred area using your ring finger. Do not over-apply concealer, as this will only draw the eye to your scar.

Step 6

Use the large powder brush to apply a layer of loose powder. This will help the makeup stay in place and give you a polished, flawless finish.