How to Clean Inside a Watch. Because of the intricate nature of a watch, it can be tough to clean it if it gets dirty. One small speck of sand can cause devastating damage to your precious time piece. But experts are able to open up your watch and clean the inside, making it as good as new again.

Disassemble the watch. This requires removing the case and the movement.

Clean the case and the movement with a special cleaner. Many jewelers prefer to clean using ultrasonic technology. This gently shakes dirt and other particles free from the gears. But the chemicals are gentle enough that they won't cause any erosion to the watch parts.

Lubricate the movement while the watch parts are out on the table. This is similar to changing the oil in your car. Adequate lubrication allows the critical parts in your watch to last to their full expected life.

Refinish the outside of the watch. The case of the watch and metal bands are refinished to make your watch look brand new again. Leather bands and plastic bands are not able to be refinished because of their texture.

Replace all gaskets and test the watch to make sure it's water tight. A certified watch maker will make sure the case meets or exceeds factory requirements.

Reassemble the watch and inspect it. The watch maker will make sure your watch is working in prime condition. You should also inspect your watch when you pick it up, to make sure there are no problems.


It is possible for you to clean the inside of your own watch. However, watch cleaning solutions can be very dangerous. They were not designed for use in your home. Talk to an expert about proper handling of these chemicals.