How to Clean a Cloth Coach Purse

By Melynda Sorrels

A Coach purse is a trendy accessory that never seems to go out of style. Coach Inc. has been around since the 1940s, and the fashionable handbags that we know today have been a major presence in the fashion industry since the 1960s. Proper care of your Coach purse is important in ensuring a long lifespan and for the sake of not having a dirty purse. Cleaning it is simple, and the rewards speak for themselves.

Clean a Cloth Coach Purse

Step 1

Wet the purse with clean water and a soft, clean cloth.

Step 2

Apply a small amount--about the size of a quarter--of hand soap to the cloth, and scrub the purse with it. Pay particular attention to areas that have more visible dirt or stains.

Step 3

Use a clean damp cloth to rinse the purse. Rinse out the cloth under clear running water, and be sure to wring it out to remove excess soap before wiping the purse again.

Step 4

Use a cloth dipped in white vinegar to remove any tough stains.

Step 5

Allow the purse to air dry in a cool dry area.