How to Choose the Right Size in Hunter Boots

By Emily Jarvis

Hunter Boots Ltd. is the premier manufacturer of rainboots or "Wellingtons" in the United States and the United Kingdom. Hunter has supplied its practical footwear to the royal family for decades, and the rubber calf-highs have become a utilitarian fashion staple in the United States as well. Boots can be tricky to size because buyers must take into consideration the width of the shaft that covers the calf. Hunter boots come in a wide range of sizes, widths and shaft styles for a comfortable fit.

Hunter's range of sizes and adjustable options provide a fit for any foot.

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Step 1

Refer to the Hunter boots sizing chart on the company's website, This chart lists every Hunter product's measurements to assist customers with finding the right size.

Step 2

Determine your shoe size. If you aren't sure of your exact size, measure your foot in inches. Compare the measurement to a shoe size chart. In ladies' shoes, for example, a size 8 equals 9.75 inches from the end of the heel to the tip of the big toe.

Step 3

Measure the circumference of the widest part of your calf with a measuring tape. Place your foot flat on the ground and relax your calf. Hunter measurements are listed in centimeters.

Step 4

Compare your shoe size with the calf measurements listed on the order form or Hunter size guide. If they correspond, order the boots in your standard shoe size. If the boot's calf size is too narrow, you will need to order a boot with a wide calf or adjustable gusset.

Step 5

Compare your calf measurement with the measurements listed for boots with wide fittings. These will be more open at the calf.

Step 6

Consider boots with an adjustable gusset, which is a panel on the outside of the calf of the boot that expands slightly to allow room for a wider calf. The boot fits flush against the calf as with the standard design, but the top will expand a bit.