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Nothing says Western like a pair of cowboy boots. Buying a new pair of boots is exciting, but stiff, new boots that aren't broken in yet can be hard to put on. It may take some time for your boots to be worn in enough to pull on easily; the first few wears may be more than a little difficult. Putting on boots doesn't have to be hard, though.

Make sure your boots are the proper size. This could entail getting measured at a boot store before buying your boots, or measuring yourself at home before boots are purchased. Boots don't fit like regular shoes, so you may be surprised if the sizing is different, but it's important that the boots fit properly to ensure an easier time getting them on.

Slip on some thin socks. Thick, bulky socks may be difficult to wear your boots with and challenging to slide the boots over. A thin sock will make it simpler to pull the boots on with ease.

Sit down with your boots in front of you, and grab the pull straps on one boot. Yank the boot over your foot using the pull straps. Pull the boot on, and stand up to get your foot completely into the boot. Pull the straps hard to make sure the boot is all the way on.

Repeat this for the other boot. The boots should fit snugly, but not so tightly that they are uncomfortable.


Always try boots on and walk around in them before purchasing. It shouldn't be difficult to put on a well-fitted boot.