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Women all over the world have an obsession with shoes that goes far beyond the necessity to cover their feet before leaving the house. While not all women love shoes to this extent, those who do have closets full of heels that rival the shoe department in many stores. Unfortunately for shoe lovers, not all shoes are comfortable to wear. Peep toes have a bit of an opening at your toes where everyone can see your pedicure, but often peep toes pinch and hurt your feet. If you are one of the millions of women worldwide who love a gorgeous peep toe, there is something you can do to make it a little less painful to wear.

Get a roll of tape. You can use any tape you want, from Scotch tape to medical tape. There is no need for heavy-duty packing tape or anything of that nature; all you need is something that will hold for a few hours.

Cut the tape so it will fit comfortably around your third and fourth toes on both feet.

Wrap your third and fourth toes securely into the tape, so that the toes are taped closely together. Taping these two toes makes your peep toes fit just a little better. In addition, the tape creates a support for the bottom of your foot that takes some of the pain out of wearing heels, and your feet will be more comfortable in your shoes for the day.


Wrapping your toes works on peep toe shoes because you cannot see the toes you are taping. With open-toe sandals, you can see the third and fourth toe and the tape wrapped around them, so this is not an option.