How to Choose the Best Makeup for Latina Skin Tones

By LeafTV Editor

How to Choose the Best Makeup for Latina Skin Tones. If your ancestry is from south of the border, choosing the best makeup is easy. Achieving the best results is about choosing makeup that complements your personal look.

Choose the Best Makeup for Latina Skin Tones

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Choosing Makeup for Latina Skin

Step 1

Choose a foundation, concealer and powder that work for you. If you're Latina, you may need a slightly darker shade for the summertime than the winter, since you probably tan very easily.

Step 2

Look for bold blushes that match nicely with the naturally flushed color of your olive skin.

Step 3

Play up your Latino heritage with your eyes. Use brown eyeliners for definition and mascaras and eye shadows that will complement your brown eyes. Plums, browns, and olives work best for you.

Step 4

Choose plums, mauves, and browns for lip colors. Avoid pinks, reds and oranges, as they will not complement your skin tone.

Step 5

Stay away from lip pencils in most cases, as Latinos tend to have fuller lips already.

Step 6

Define and darken your eyebrows with a brown pencil matching your natural hair color.

Step 7

Test all products at a makeup counter before purchase.