Replacing a watch battery is a relatively simple task, even when the watch is a high-caliber brand like Gucci. If you would prefer to avoid going to a professional or there is not a Gucci boutique in your vicinity, the following steps will allow you to switch the watch battery on your own.

Ensure the watch battery is dead. A Gucci watch is not exactly a cheap trinket, thus the battery should have a fairly long lifespan before requiring a replacement. Once you see the hands of time stop on the face of your luxury item, you can be sure it is time to purhase a new battery. The typical cost for a new battery starts at $50.

There are three categories for a Gucci watch: Automatic watches, quartz watches, and bracelet watches. Depending on the type, you will need a battery that suits one of these classifications. Batteries for Gucci watches can usually be obtained on any discount/surplus website (e.g. eBay, batteryright.com, or the actual Gucci store).

Because Gucci is a high-end designer brand, it is very difficult to remove the back of the watch. Sometimes, it is best to go to a professional to have it removed if you are in any doubt of your abilities in the realm of patience, caution, and gentility. Screws may not always be present on certain watches, in which case, you should look for a subtle depression along the side of the watch and unscrew it by hand. This is extremely taxing for the muscularly challenged.The gaskets must then be removed and, if all goes well, will not have to be replaced with new ones.

Take the old watch battery out. It may be fastened securely by a screw or clip, in which instance you will need your screwdriver again. Before removing the battery, note which side up it is facing so that you can put the new battery in the correct way the first time.

Once the new battery has been inserted, you can put the back of the watch back on, which is often construed as more difficult than the process of taking it off. Before putting the back on again, you should confirm that the hands on the face of the watch are moving again. Once you have checked that, you can proceed with reimplementing the back of the watch.


Most will tell you that it is ill-advised to replace a watch of this magnitude and intricacy without taking it to someone who is an expert in doing so. However, if you are confident enough in your skills and patient enough to get through the removal of the back of the watch, the risk is worth the amount of money you will save.