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Proactiv is a three-part acne and skin care product available through product kiosks, online and by calling the Proactiv Solution ordering department directly. The first part of the skin care product is a cleansing solution, the second part is a toner and the third part is a benzoyl peroxide lotion that penetrates your skin and help heal any acne and skin blemishes. Once you purchase the Proactiv skin care product, you are automatically signed up to receive future shipments every 60 days. You can cancel future Proactiv shipments and end your membership with the company.

Call (800) 876-9717, the Proactiv Customer Support Line.

Say “Customer Service” when the automated system prompts you with why you are calling.

Give the automated system your Proactiv account number. You will then be placed on hold until the next customer service representative is available.

Speak with a Proactiv customer service representative and tell him you would like to cancel your Proactiv membership and stop future shipments/billing.

Write down the confirmation number the customer service representative will give you at the end of call on a piece of paper. Keep this number in case you need to call Proactiv Solutions again about a future shipment you have received and shouldn't have.


Check your next month's credit card statement and make sure there is not a charge on the bill for a future Proactiv shipment. If you notice a charge, contact both Proactiv Solutions and your credit card company.