How to Braid Cornrows Up Into a Ponytail

By Donna Tinus

Braiding cornrows up into a ponytail is an elegant hairstyle for both women and girls. Cornrows can be braided to travel in any direction on a person's head. The trick to braiding cornrows into a ponytail is to braid all the cornrows in the direction of the back of your head where you want the ponytail to start. If you'd like a high ponytail, braid all the cornrows toward the crown of your head.

Pile the ponytail into a bun for a formal occasion.

Step 1

Part a 1-inch-wide row of hair at the front of your head with the end of a rat tail comb. The group of hair should be about 1/2 inch deep. Divide this group of hair into three sections.

Step 2

Braid this section of hair by passing the left section over the middle section, then the right section over the middle section. Pull the side sections tightly so the braid is kept close to the scalp.

Step 3

Use one forefinger to grasp another small piece of hair behind the braid and bring that section into the left section, then pass it over the middle section. Grasp another small portion of hair behind the braid, and joining it with the right section, pass it over the middle section. Continue in this manner until you reach the crown where you want your ponytail to start, then hold the braid with a hair clip.

Step 4

Braid a section of hair to the side of this section and braid it back to the crown. Continue around the head in this manner, braiding the side hair toward the back of the head, and the hair in back up toward the crown.

Step 5

Grasp all the braids and combine them together, holding them in place with one large elastic. As you grasp each braid, remove the hair clips. You now have braided cornrows that form into a ponytail in the back of your head.