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Cornrows are a highly braided type hair style that creates long strands fitted close to the head. It is a hairstyle worn by a wide range of people, from famous musicians to everyday people. Creating cornrows may look like a complex process, but it isn’t as hard as it may seem. It isn’t incredibly easy, but with patience and careful hair styling methods, you and a friend can create cornrows in no time.

Wet your hair and wash it with shampoo. Rinse out the shampoo and use conditioner as well. Towel dry your hair after you are finished and comb it straight.

Use your metal comb to separate your hair into thick strands.

Make your corn row bundles as thick or as narrow as you want and run them in any direction. Corn rows usually run straight along your head from front to back but can be taken anywhere your hair will allow.

Attach hair clips at the ends of each of your corn row bundles except for one to hold them together while you work on braiding each individual row.

Add grease to your hair and brush it through each bundle from scalp to ends. Work it into the hair with gloved hands.

Divide the non-clipped hair bundle into three equal-size sections.

Take the middle stand and move it over the left strand. Now take the left hand strand and move it over the right hand strand to create a single braid. Tighten the braid by pulling it down to the beginning of your hair bundle.

Repeat this braiding process with the new strand positions, always moving whatever strand is in the middle over the left and whatever strand was the left strand over the right. Continue to pick up new hair in your bundle as you braid to make sure you have enough hair to continue braiding.

Continue to weave until you reach the end of the strand. Braid the ends of your strands together to finish.

Remove the hair clip from another cornrow bundle and repeat the braiding process. Braid each strand in the same way to complete your cornrows.