By Tabitha Harwell

Styling side bangs is a task that takes minimal time, yet has a dramatic effect on the hair. Sweep your bangs to the right or left-side of your head, depending on where your part lies, and blow dry them to perfection in minutes. Before bringing out the hairdryer, apply a heat protection gel to prevent your bangs from curling or frizzing under the stress of the hairdryer. Once your bangs are styled, throw on a fabulous outfit and show off your new hairdo.

Blow dry your bangs to the side, for a chic look.

Step 1

Towel dry your hair thoroughly, leaving a damp feel. Working with damp hair is much easier than trying to gel and dry soaking wet hair. Your hair will dry in half the time and cut down on heat damage.

Step 2

Part your hair to the side you want your bangs to fall. You will be drying your hair from the roots down. Therefore, it is important to decide what side you want to part, prior to drying your hair.

Step 3

Hold your hair brush in one hand to use as a straightener and volumizer. The brush can range in size from 1-inch to 3-inches, depending on the thickness and length of your bangs. You will use the brush to blow dry the bangs from the roots to the tip -- using a slight curling under motion.

Step 4

Grip the hairdryer in your other hand with the heat setting on medium or high. Hold it at least 6-inches from your head, to avoid too much heat applied to the hair. Gently pull your brush downward in the direction you want your bangs to lay. The brush should be curling under as you dry.

Step 5

Turn the hairdryer off and apply a pea-size amount of shine serum to your bangs. Avoid using a lot of serum, because this will only make your hair look greasy, not shiny. Run your fingers through your bangs.

Step 6

Spray a light hold hairspray on your bangs to keep them in place. Give a quick blow with low to medium heat on the hair dryer; this will help to set the hairspray.