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Black women can find it challenging to wear makeup that can be seen. Black skin can require stronger colors, and some makeup companies don't put enough pigment in their makeup for it to show properly on their skin. Black skin also has different tones, so one shade does not fit at all.

Wash your face and apply light moisturizer before doing any kind of makeup.

Use makeup that matches your skin tone. The website Make Up for Black Women says there are three basic tones: red, yellow and blue. If you have red undertones, you need make up with reds, mauves and magentas, while yellow, orange and black can complement the undertones. Women with blue undertones need blue shades, and red, teal, orange and black colors, while those with yellow undertones need violet, brown, blue-green and amber shades.

Pick a foundation that isn't far from the color of your actual skin. A foundation that is too dark or too light will conceal the original skin color.

Use concealer and blush. The concealer will even out skin problems, and the blush can help define your face and cheekbones.