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One of the benefits of owning an expansion watch band is the option of adjusting or "sizing" the fit of the band. Adjustments for the correct fit may be needed due to season or weight changes. A well fit watch band should expand over the wrist and then fit snugly and feel comfortable. With the proper fit, the watch should stay in place while doing physical exercise or everyday activities. The bands can be shortened or lengthened by removing or adding links as needed.

Locate and identify the links to be removed. The links should be removed from the center of the watch band. It is not necessary to remove links individually; a section of links can be removed.

Stretch the band and then use a screwdriver to straighten the four or two tabs of the first link to be removed. Men’s bands have four tabs; ladies’ bands have two tabs. Expand the band to force the top shell to come out.

Remove the top shell of the last link to be removed by repeating the step above.

Bend down the bottom-end flaps below the links to be removed. To remove the link section, grasp the watch band just outside the section to be removed. Slide the left side of the watch band away from you while sliding the right side toward you until the link section separates.

Close the watch band by sliding the two ends into each other in the opposite direction when removed.

Bend up the bottom box flaps, and then replace the top shell.

Expand the band to bend down the four or two tabs with the screwdriver.

To lengthen the watch band, separate the watch band then slide the links into the band and secure together following the steps above.


Adjusting watch bands yourself may void the warranty.

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