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Most women don't wear jeans because they think their body type isn't right for jeans. Chances are they just haven't found the right fit. Some women also think that jeans are uncomfortable. This is true only if they don't have enough stretch or don't fit properly. Finally, some women think that jeans are sloppy. These days, you can dress jeans up and wear them almost anywhere. Jeans are a wardrobe basic that every woman should own.

Jean Style to Avoid

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Several styles of jeans are not flattering to most women. Capris make you look stumpy and shorter if you're petite. If you're tall, you look gangly and silly. Nobody looks sexy in capri pants.

"Mom jeans" are high-waisted, flare out at the hips and taper to the ankles. This makes your bottom look flat and wide. These jeans must be made by misogynists, because nobody who loves women would ever wish these jeans upon them.

Embellished jeans look silly. Sparkles, paint, leather strips, beads and lace all have a place on costumes but definitely not on jeans. If you're under age 10, this look is passable. Anyone older should avoid glitter and sparkles at all costs.

Jeans for Your Body Type

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Pear shape: If you have small shoulders and wide hips, you will look best in straight leg jeans with a slight flare at the hem. This cut balances out your proportions and makes your legs look longer.

Apple shape: If you have a round torso with thin legs, trouser-cut jeans will look best on you. The slightly wider leg creates balance, and if worn with heels, will make your legs look long and lean.

Hourglass shape: If you have a thin waist with shoulders and hips of the same width, boot-cut jeans are perfect. Make sure that the waist is mid-rise and that the legs begin to flare below the knees.

Triangle shape: If you have broad shoulders and narrow hips, low-rise boot-cut jeans will create curves and balance. Skinny jeans are great, too, if you're slender.

Well-made Jeans

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A well-made pair of jeans has some spandex for stretch. Check the seams and make sure they are double stitched. Check for any thin spots in the denim caused by wash treatments. Be sure that the legs are the same length. Avoid stiff, scratchy denim.

In the Dressing Room

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This is the most important part of choosing a pair of jeans. Let's start with the waist and work our way down.

Muffin top: When the waist is too tight, body fat may spill out the top. It looks as if you've taped muffins to your sides--not attractive! Make sure the waist is cozy but not tight. Sit down in the dressing room. If the waist cuts into you, the jeans are too tight.

Baggy crotch: If the crotch of the jeans is hanging past your crotch, these pants are for MC Hammer, not you.

Feathers: In the front pocket area, if there are wrinkles that look like Ruffles potato chips, these jeans do not fit you properly.

Misplaced flare: The flare of the pant leg should begin right at the knee, not halfway down the calf.

Too tight or loose: All jeans should be a little bit snug when you try them on. That's because after a few wearings, they stretch a bit and might get baggy. If you have to lie on the floor to zip them or can't bend down without feeling pressure in the abdomen, they are too tight. They should be comfortable, fit in the crotch and be slightly snug.

Extra Details

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Check the rear view in the mirror to see if the pockets are flattering to the shape of your buttocks or make you look fat.

Your jeans should come right to the tops of your shoes and right above the bottom of your heel in the back. Try the jeans on wearing the shoes you will wear with them.