By Marilyn Lindblad

A sweatband holds a girl's hair in place and keeps perspiration out of her eyes while she's working out, but a sweatband isn't just workout gear. It's also a fashion accessory. Sweatbands, sometimes called headbands, come in virtually every color. Some come in stripes and prints. How a girl wears a sweatband can express her personality and sense of style.

Sweatbands are part of work out gear.

Wearing a Sweatband Over the Hair

Brightly colored sweatbands

The simplest way for a girl to wear a sweatband is to pull it directly over her head and wear it horizontally, perpendicular to her nose, with the lower edge of the sweatband above the eyebrows and all the girl's hair, even her bangs, tucked under the sweatband. This style works well on short hair, but the smooth appearance on top of the head is hard to maintain with long hair.

Wearing a Sweatband as an Earmuff

Wearing a sweatband as an ear warmer.

A wide sweatband can double as an ear warmer on cold days. Pull the sweatband all the way over the head until it is loose around the neck. Pull the front center up around the hairline of your forehead. Adjust the sides of the sweatband to cover the ears. Let the loose edges of your hair or braids fall over the sweatband.

Wearing a Sweatband with Bangs


Pull the sweatband entirely over your head and adjust the band so the back is against your nape and the front is higher than your headline. Adjust the sweep of your bangs to come close to the end of one eyebrow and tuck the end of your bangs into the sweatband. Loosen tendrils of hair in front of your ears.

Wearing Double Sweatbands

Double headbands show style.

Mix and match your sweatbands. Wear two or three narrow sweatbands at a time to add color and interest to your wardrobe. Outdoors in winter, two headbands keep your ears twice as warm.