Homemade Fake Tan

By Andrea Palmer

Baking your skin in the sun or a tanning bed to get a tan isn't healthy. There are alternative methods that won't end up giving you leathery, wrinkled skin, or worse, skin cancer. One alternative would be purchasing a gradual tanning lotion or getting a spray. The more cost effective method would be to make your own homemade tinted moisturizer or bronzer to give you that all-over glow.

Mineral Powder

Select a mineral bronzer or foundation powder that is up to three shades darker than your skin. Make sure you aren't allergic to talc, which is present in many mineral powders. Sift the powder so it is very fine and won't leave any lumps when mixed.

Wash and Exfoliate Your Skin

The most even application will happen with smooth, clean skin. Exfoliating removes dead skin and will help the solution stick to your body better and blend more evenly. Carefully shave any hairy areas.

Mix the Ingredients

The mixing of highly pigmented powder with a lotion can get messy. If the powder is long-lasting, it may stain delicate surfaces. Carefully place a small amount of powder into a plastic bag. A teaspoon should be plenty. Place 1/2 cup lotion (preferably sunscreen) into the bag with the powder. You can add a bronzing glitter if you like. Seal the bag and rub it in circles with your fingers. Rub in a clockwise motion to distribute the two ingredients evenly. Test the solution on a small patch of skin to determine if you need more powder.

Apply the Solution to Your Skin

Place the solution on your skin and rub until you have smooth coverage. Do not over-blend into the skin, or the powder may fade. If the solution streaks, you may consider using a foundation brush to blend it into the skin.