Bottles of coconut and olive oils.

A warm, deep suntan is coveted by women throughout the world, particularly those with lighter skin tones. A dark suntan has the ability to make the body look slimmer, mask the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite, and cover up imperfections like blemishes and freckles. Although the vitamin D obtained from sunbathing is essential for one's health, excessive tanning can also lead to serious diseases like malignant melanoma.

Use extra virgin olive oil. A few tablespoons applied all over your skin will help you achieve a tan as dark as one from using a regular suntan lotion. Extra virgin olive oil also has nourishing and moisturizing properties that make it particularly great for sensitive and dry skin types.

Use pure coconut oil. Coconut oil is actually one of the main ingredients in traditional suntan lotions. It gives skin a warm, bronze glow. In its purest form, it is a very potent tanning oil that will help you achieve your darkest suntan after only a few uses.

Make your own tanning oil using natural ingredients. Combine about five drops each of ylang ylang, lavender and vanilla essential oil, 2 tbsp. of sesame seed oil, 2 tbsp. of hazelnut oil, and 2 tbsp. of wheat germ oil. Pour all the ingredients into a small dark bottle, and shake vigorously. Apply all over your skin when sunbathing. If you have fair skin that's prone to burning, add a few extra drops of lavender essential oil. Its anti-inflammatory properties will keep your skin from becoming severely sunburned.

Apply baby oil all over your skin. Baby oil is mostly known for its moisturizing properties, but it can only provide a dark suntan when rubbed into the skin during sunbathing. It will also keep the skin soft and silky.