Home Remedy to Make Your Complexion Darker

A radiant tan is #goals for summer, but it's even possible year round. And with the risks of premature aging and skin cancer, it might be a good idea to skip suntanning anyway. Here are some simple DIY ways to get a golden glow.

Tanning Creams

Tanning creams are a quick way to darken your complexion. Some only need one application to deposit pigment onto the skin, while some take a few applications to achieve optimum color. If you've had practice with applying self tanners, choose one that works quickly in one application. If you've never used one before, try using one that gradually makes your skin darker so you get a more even application.


A common pantry staple can make a short-term self-tanner that washes off easily in the shower. Mix 1 teaspoon of cinnamon into 2 tablespoons of your favorite lotion. The lotion helps the color of the cinnamon to sink into the skin. Spread the lotion evenly over your body and let it dry.

Black Tea

If your skin is sensitive to cinnamon, or you want a dark complexion that lasts a little longer, tan with tea. Brew five to six bags of black tea in a large coffee cup for about 20 minutes, then let it cool. Dip a large foam paintbrush into the cooled tea and paint the color onto your skin. You can add more layers to achieve darker color. Let the tea dry on your skin before you get dressed. This method actually dyes your skin, so it lasts longer but is still temporary.