If you want to look like you have a darker complexion, you may be tempted to head outside into the sunshine for a tan. But with what we now know about skin cancer and aging skin, we know that the sun is not a good way to darken your complexion. However, there are some home remedies that you can try to darken your complexion without the harmful rays of the sun.

Tanning Creams

If you want a quick way to darken your complexion, look into various tanning creams that you can use at home to add pigment and color to your skin. Some only need one application to deposit dark color onto the skin, while some take a few applications to achieve optimum color. If you have had practice with applying self tanners, choose one that works quickly in one application. If you’ve never used it before, try using one that gradually makes your skin darker so you get a more even application.

Cinnamon Rub

A cinnamon rub is effective for a short-term darkening of your complexion. Using items from your pantry, you can create a complexion darkener that will wash off easily in the shower when you are ready to take it off. Mix three tablespoons of cinnamon to one cup of your favorite lotion and mix well. Spread the lotion evenly over your body and allow to dry. The lotion will help the color of the cinnamon to sink into the skin, resulting in a darker complexion. When you’re ready to remove it, just take a shower and wash well with soap.

Tea Bag Tan

If your skin is sensitive to cinnamon, or you want a dark complexion that lasts a little longer. Brew five to six bags of a dark tea, such as Earl Grey, in a large coffee cup. Look for a dark color to be achieved through the brewing, which usually takes about 20 minutes. Allow the tea to cool so that you can put it on your skin. When it has, use a large foam paintbrush dipped in the tea to paint the color onto your skin. You can add more layers to achieve darker color. Allow the tea to dry on your skin before you get dressed. This method actually dyes your skin, so it will last longer.

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