How to Make the Skin on Your Arms & Legs Lighter

By Lenna Allen

There are plenty of commercial skin bleaches and whitening creams on the market for achieving a lighter shade of skin; natural remedies are also plentiful and are less harsh. Many cultures employ the use of skin-lightening agents such as lemon juice to achieve a fairer shade, or even to diminish the look of age spots or redness and blotches.

Natural remedies can help lighten skin tone.

Step 1

Combine the ingredients in the mixing bowl, and mix them into a paste with the spoon. Add some water if necessary to make the paste into the consistency of pancake batter.

Step 2

Apply the paste to your arms and legs so that all of your skin is covered.

Step 3

Wash the paste off with warm water after 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 4

Repeat daily until the desired color is attained. Afterward, repeating weekly will maintain lighter coloring.