How to Make Skin Dye With Basic Things

By Sabrina Ashley

You can make skin dyes using common household items and, once you do, you can use them in myriad ways to express yourself. Body art -- washable tattoos and body painting -- can be, depending on your mood, subtle or over-the-top. Whatever your preference, there are a number of different recipes for making skin dyes.

Using common ingredients, you can make skin dyes at home.

Step 1

Mix 1 tsp. cornstarch and 1/2 tsp. lotion in a jar or container. Blend the ingredients well with a spoon. Add 1/2 tsp. water. Stir. Add, one drop at a time, the food coloring or food dye of your choice; keep adding coloring until you have the shade you want. Stir again. Seal the of the lid of the container tightly.

Step 2

Mix 1/2 cup mild lotion and 1/2 tsp. dishwashing liquid in a jar or container. Stir with a spoon. Slowly add powdered tempera paint in the color of your choice. Mix well. Close the lid tightly.

Step 3

Melt beeswax in a pot on the stove. Once melted, turn the heat off. Add 1/4 cup castor oil and 2 tbsp. sesame oil to the beeswax. Stir. Add beet juice a little at a time, continuing to stir, until you get the shade of red you want. Pour the mixture into a jar or container and close the lid.

Step 4

Put 2 tbsp.unscented lotion in a jar or container. Mash up 1/4 of an avocado with a fork until it's creamy. Add the avocado to the lotion to make a green skin dye.