Home Remedy For Cigarette Burn Scars

It is nearly inevitable that if you are a smoker, you will experience a cigarette burn at one point or another. The effects can be painful and, if not properly treated, long lasting. While the best way to deal with cigarette burns is to treat the burn so that it does not scar, there are treatments available for those cigarette burns that have already scarred.

Immediate Treatment

Treating a burn when it first occurs reduces the chances that the burn will scar. Run the burn under cold water to relieve the pain. Generously apply a triple antibiotic such as Neosporin and apply a bandage immediately. Keep the cigarette burn covered at all times as exposure to the environment can result in infection or prolonged healing. Keep the burn moist and bandaged to protect it from pressure and friction. Change the bandage every one to two days and reapply triple antibiotic ointment. If you do not notice the burn healing, you should contact you health care provider. A variety of prescription-strength burn treatments are on the market. Your doctor can prescribe the one that will best heal your cigarette burn.

Scar Treatment

Treating a cigarette burn mark that has already scarred is a process that can take months. There is no miracle treatment for scarring; it's a process that takes some discipline, as you will have to apply daily treatments for many months. Over-the-counter treatments include Mederma, Neosporin Scar Solution and Alpha Hydroxy Skin Treatment. Daily application of these treatments has reduced the appearance of scars in some cases. In addition to using an over-the-counter treatment, taking extra-care of your scarred skin will help reduce scarring. Exfoliate the cigarette burn scar--if the wound has healed completely--with a sugar or almond scrub. As you remove layers of dead skin, the cigarette burn scar will begin to fade. Be sure to keep new skin well moisturized. Exfoliation, moisturizer and over-the-counter scar treatments will help even out skin tone and, with time, the scar will fade.