skin mole

Since removing moles on the skin is not a necessary surgery unless it is cancerous, insurance companies usually will not cover the procedure. There are many different ways to remove a mole yourself without having to pay steep medical costs. One method is by burning the mole off using common household objects. If you aren't afraid of needles or inflicting some pain on yourself, then you might be able to burn the mole off very quickly and easily. It is a natural remedy without the need for dangerous chemicals or stitches.

Burn the Mole

Take a sewing needle and run a flame over the tip to sterilize it. Gently scrape the cooled needle over the mole until it forms an open wound. Lightly scrape the entire mole. Make sure you don't scrape too deep, or else you might causes a scar to form. Try not to burn the surrounding skin, either.

Take a small piece of cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar and place it over the wound you have just created. Place a bandage over the cotton ball and let it soak in all day. The apple cider vinegar encourages scab formation and prevents infection.

Replace the old cotton ball with a new cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar three times a day, making sure to hold it in place with a bandage. You will see a scab begin to form over the former mole in a few days.

Let the scab fall off on its own or else you might risk causing a scar by picking at it. When the scab falls off, the mole should have disappeared or lightened in color considerably.

Rub some Vitamin E oil over the freshly healed skin to prevent scarring and keep the skin from hardening. Put oil on it every day until the skin looks completely healed. This may take a week or two.


  • This procedure works best on small, raised moles.

  • You can also use a hollow piercing needle that has been pre-sterilized.