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Moles are clusters of pigmented cells that look like small, brown spots. Some moles are or have the potential to be cancerous, so all moles should be examined by a doctor. According to the Mayo Clinic, unusual-looking or irregular-shaped moles are cause for more concern and more likely to turn cancerous. It is unknown as to why moles form, but you can get rid of them with substances like Compound W as opposed to having the moles cut off.

Wash the affected area and if possible let it soak in warm water for about five minutes. Be sure to then dry the skin well. This will help the skin to better absorb the medication.

Apply one drop of Compound W liquid or gel at a time to cover the mole and then let it dry completely. This works because the salicylic acid in Compound W gradually peels layers of the skin away, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Repeat this procedure two to three times per day for up to three months or until the mole is gone. The Mayo Clinic advises you to be careful because the salicylic acid is stronger than usual concentrations for skin and can damage the skin around the mole.


You should have any moles examined by a doctor before attempting to remove them with Compound W because they can be cancerous or be signs of skin cancer.