The scarring process is critical for the healing of a burn, and while the mark left can be unsightly, if you take good care of the damaged area early, fading the scar will not be extremely difficult. Even if you have an older scar that has settled, there are home remedies you can use that will help lighten the mark if more expensive options such as medication and laser treatment are not possible for you.

Mash a banana.

Cover the scar with banana twice daily.

Massage the area daily with lemon juice, which is high in vitamin c, for two minutes.

Massage the area with aloe vera, which helps soften the skin and lighten scars, for a few minutes.

Brew chamomile tea leaves.

Let the leaves cool.

Massage the affected area with the tea for a few minutes.

Apply cocoa butter as often as possible to the damaged area.

Take two tablespoons of cilantro juice three times daily to promote the burn scar's healing.

Apply honey to the scar several times a day.


Start your home remedies as soon as the scar has healed, if possible, for the best results. Drink 80 oz. of water each day, which will help promote the growth of new skin cells and healthier skin.


Make sure to apply lemon juice only after the burned area has healed, as it is high in acidity and cause more damage if used before the healing process is complete.