Hairstyles That Accent a Woman's Eyes

By April Wilson

Several hairstyles work well for women who want to draw attention to their eyes; the key is to keep all the attention on your face. Although there are a few exceptions, longer hair is usually a bad idea because it draws attention downward as far as the length of the hair, distracting the other person's eyes from what you want them to notice. Pair these hairstyling tips with dramatic eye make-up.

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Work some hair magic to make your eyes the center of attention.


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Bangs that are long and end right above your eyes tend to attract the most attention to them, as they draw attention where you want it, making it easy to ignore everything else. recommends that you wear your bangs longer and just above your eyes to accentuate them.

Bangs come in many varieties from thick to wispy. Ask your stylist what style of bangs will work best for you. If bangs don't usually look great with your face shape, you can try bangs that sweep to the side of your face and show more of your forehead.

Short Cuts

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Short Cuts

Pixie cuts are short-and-sassy spiky haircuts that keep all the attention on a woman's facial features. A softer variation on the classic pixie cut is called a gamine hairstyle. says the gamine cut is a great soft look if you want your eyes to be the focal point.

Another popular short cut that can be combined with bangs to accentuate the eyes is the classic bob. This hairstyle is short and softly frames the face and will help showcase great eyes and make them stand out.

Contrasting Hair Color

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Contrasting Hair Color

Another way to accent your eyes with hairstyle is through coloring. If you've got dark brown eyes, consider platinum blonde hair. If you've got light blue eyes, choose a dark brown or black hair color. Auburn goes best with light green eyes; for dark green eyes, consider strawberry blonde. Contrasting your hair and eye color creates a striking visual impact that draws attention to your eyes because of the sharp color contrast. This effect takes on added impact if you combine it with a shorter cut and bangs.