For waitresses, finding the right hairstyle presents special challenges. Not only do they need to find a style that’s attractive, they also have to be aware of health issues concerning hair and food. While some modern restaurants have side-stepped this issue by making a hat a part of the uniform, servers in traditional restaurants still have to contend with these issues. However, an abundance of styles exist that both look good and address the concerns of the modern waitress.


This is an old standby for many servers and is still a viable option. Although some shy away from this style because it can become a bit mundane, ponytails can be dressed up by using decorative combs or clips to pull the top part of the hair back before putting it into a ponytail. Caution should be exercised with ponytails or any other style that allows the hair to hang free at the ends; waitresses who must work with large serving trays on their shoulders often inadvertently wind up with the ponytail on top of the tray and in the food. The solution to this is a ponytail placed on one side of the head—the side that the server does not use to carry the tray.

French Braids

French braids are popular with servers because they not only look good but pull the hair back and keep hair from being loose at the ends. French braids are elegant and can be decorated by weaving tiny clips, beads and other glittery hair accessories into their folds.

French Twist

This style has some of the same advantages that the French braid has including pulling the hair away from the face and keeping the ends tied up so they do not end up in the food. Additionally, this style hearkens back to the movie hairstyles of the 50s—think Grace Kelly. That being the case, it has inherent glamor and beauty built into it but can still be enhanced by a fancy comb decorated with rhinestones, sequins or silk flowers.

Banana Clips

Banana clips offer the flexibility of a ponytail but seem to be a bit fancier in look, probably because people have only been wearing them since the 80s. A hairstyle featuring a banana clip can be dressed up by curling the hair before pulling it back into the clip.


If the waitress’ workplace is open to pulling the hair back with a hat, then berets offer a bit of chic plus the advantage of having the hair off the shoulders. When worn in these contexts, these cute little French hats shouldn’t be worn on top of the head, but rather as a cap with the hair pulled inside of the hat. The bangs can be curled and styled around the beret to complete the look.