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The good news is that, in this day and age, there really are no rules of hairstyling when you have fine hair and a square face. Stylists vary in their opinions, but most will agree that round faces need minimizing hairstyles, oblong faces need width and square faces need a little bit of softening. The key to a good hairstyle is to find one that flatters you and that can work with your square face and fine hair.

Basics for a Square Face

A square face consists of a forehead, jaw line and cheekbones that are almost equal in width. To lessen the sharp, angular features that define a square face, try hairstyles that really put the emphasis on the cheekbones. Keep the hair 1 to 2 inches below the chin to shoulder length. This also helps reduce the squareness of the jaw. Side parts will move the eyes away from a line that perfectly divides a square face in half. Avoid a center part. Give movement to the hair by adding bounce.

Concave Bob

A short concave bob, with sides cut to fall forward and soften the jaw line should include diagonal bangs to reduce squareness. This style helps to round out the face as it frames and softens square features. Try wispy, swept-across bangs with curls or waves added to give dimension to this style.


Keep in mind that the ideal length of hair for a square face is 1 to 2 inches below the jaw to shoulder length; a shag hair cut fits this recommendation perfectly. The finished shag style has soft, wispy sides that should fall right around the jaw line and a side part with bangs swept across the forehead. All of this will camouflage the square jaw and create a diagonal illusion that will actually lengthen the face.


Wearing your hair long with a square face can be tricky, but it can be successfully done. Remember to keep hair wispy and flowing to really soften up square features. With longer hair, add a deep side part and big waves to add shape to the hair. If you wear bangs with a long style, curl them at the eye instead of leaving them straight. Bangs can do wonders for making a square face look round, and they provide a great frame.


With a square face, it is important to know what styles to avoid. Long, straight styles will actually make the square jaw line appear harsh and angled. Stay away from center parts and straight bangs, which will draw attention to exactly how square your face is. Give the hair lift and life by using lightweight mousses and leave-in conditioners. Free-flowing hair, rather than sculpted and heavily sprayed, allow attention to be drawn to the movement of the hair instead of directly to a square jaw or angular eyebrows.