Hairstyles for People Over 60

By LeafTV Editor

When some of the biggest style rebels of the 1960s actually began to turn 60, they opened up hairstyling options for the modern adult who's passed this age marker. Stars like David Bowie, Mick Jagger and Debbie Harry have challenged preconceived notions of how hair should be for people over 60. This is probably easier said than done given the fact that aging ups the chances of encountering thinning hair, dryness and hair breakage. In spite of these challenges there is still plenty of style inspiration that could help address the potential issues of maturing hair and can keep you redefining your look at any age.

Styles for Thick Hair

For Women

When your hair is on the coarse and thick side, a flirty shag haircut like those worn by Diane Keaton or Jane Fonda are great options. These cuts have great movement and can be tailor-made to complement any face shape with the right texturing, layering and length. They can go from mid-ear length to slightly above the collarbone. Styling shag haircuts can really give you a no-fuss way to get ready by simply adding a little bit of texturizing paste to damp ends to help up your style game.

For women with thick hair that has maintained a healthier texture, there's never been a better time for having long hair. In the past, mature women with long hair could be mistaken for trying too hard to hold onto their youth. Today however, women like Jane Seymour or Goldie Hawn are celebrating the sex appeal that still clings to their long locks. When choosing this hairstyle, try adding long layers and use volumizing styling products to address potential loss of body that can sometimes affect aging hair.

For Men

For the thick, healthy-haired men out there, your options have also increased. Gone are the days when a gentleman was mostly expected to have professional high and tight haircut. Whether you prefer modern or casual style,you can choose whatever you want. Stylish men such as Jeff Bridges and Sam Elliott really show how to flaunt thick, long hair past the age of 60. If being among the longhairs is your dream, try adding soft, tousled layers and light volumizing products to keep hair from looking heavy.

When long hair isn't you're thing, you have many style alternatives to keep your hair on-point. For a sleek, dignified look, look to Pierce Brosnan and Ted Danson, who have kept their hair long and slightly bouffant on top with combed-back, longer sides. Try lightly filtering a small amount of hair wax to the sides and place the residuals from your hand through the tips of the hair on top.

Curly Hairstyles

Women's Looks

Women with thick curls can also let it all grow out. Actresses Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon show that curls aren't limited to younger women. These face-framing styles add a feminine touch while helping to diffuse the looks of wrinkles around the face. Great styles like these can be achieved by cutting hair at the collarbone to help ensure that the curl shrinkage goes no further than shoulder length.

Men's Styles

Like actor Denzel Washington, curly styles for men can be kept simple and cut close to the head on all sides Leaving your curls longer on top should be reserved for fuller heads of hair. If you have thinning curls, try going shorter on top but leave a little bit of length in front to help minimize the forehead, like musician Bruce Springsteen.

Styles for Fine or Thinning Hair

Cuts for Women

Fine or thinning hair shouldn't have to mean skimping on style. Pixie-cuts benefit a wide variety of hair textures and face shapes while still maintaining a sense of femininity. Take a look at Judi Dench's array of cropped looks or Australian personality Susie Elelman's close cuts to see that short can be youthful and stylish. These cuts complement women with angular faces and strong cheekbones.

If you're looking to have a little more to run your fingers through, look no further than Helen Mirren and Diane Sawyer for inspiration. Bob-style haircuts like theirs are universally flattering silhouettes. These haircuts can be designed to match your face shape with the right layers added to the front. Long-top and A-line bobs may take more styling effort, but using a round brush and hair dryer gives you the look with relative ease.

Blunt, short haircuts with light layering are excellent choices for all hair types but work especially well for hair on the finer side. Olivia Newton-John's modern blunt lob leaves the front longer as it graduates shorter in the back. Vanessa Redgrave's blunt bob expertly frames her face with a long side-bang and subtle layers in the front.

Cuts for Men

Men can have many different issues with thinning hair, such as receding hairlines or thinning crowns. A good rule is to keep the hair surrounding the thinning spots slightly longer because it helps to play down the look of scarcity without coming off like you're trying to hide anything. Michael Bolton and Michael Keaton both have found their post-60 stride even with thinning hair.

Bald Looks

Some actors, like Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel, have simply shaved their heads and still keep their smoldering mystique. If you're heading (no pun intended) for the razor, remember to treat your scalp like an extension of your face and follow a well-rounded skin care regimen with an SPF during the day.

If taking it all off isn't your scene, there are haircuts ranging in length that hug your crown and can give off a regal look. Personalities like John Malkovich and Sean Connery have gracefully lost their most of their hair but not their cool. Keeping your sideburns blended into the hair line is a great way to stay looking neat and modern.