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Choosing a hairstyle when you are over 40 and have fine hair and a narrow face can be a challenge, but it is possible to achieve a perfectly balanced look. The right hairstyle can make an individual look well put-together, younger and healthier. Research different cuts and styles for your age and problem areas, and you will find the look that accents your attributes and downplays your irregularities.

Choose a short cut to add the perception of width to your face and volume to your thin hair. Your neck will look long and graceful, and a short cut will pull your face upward, making you look much younger than your true age. It is also easier to add volume to short hair with the use of rollers, curling irons, hair gels and mousses.

Choose a cut that works best with the type of hair you have. If your hair is fine but somewhat curly or wavy, a bob may be just the style for you. A bob is a short, below-chin-length blunt cut with minimal layering and a side part that accentuates curls and waves and makes the face appear rounder. A few added curls with a curling iron can add extra volume to a bob.

If your hair is very straight and fine, a pixie cut -- made famous by actress and model Twiggy -- can be an effective style for you: It accentuates eyes and heightens cheek bones. A pixie cut is a very short, boyish, around-the-ears cut that's tapered at the back neckline. It requires almost no hair maintenance and is perfect for an over-40 woman who desires a carefree, no-fuss look.

Layer your hair in a short shag with side-swept bangs to take emphasis away from an aging neckline. The layers will add volume and the face-framing cut will make a thin face appear fuller. The use of mousses and gels will assist the style in gaining volume and texture. A blow dryer and a round brush are particularly effective in achieving a windswept, casual, ageless look.

Try a fringe hairstyle to cover the long forehead that usually accompanies a narrow face. Made famous by many movie stars, this style allows a freedom of movement and a jaunty, natural look. It can be worn straight or slightly wavy and is the perfect cut with either jeans or evening wear.