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For women with fine, straight hair, finding the right hairstyle to complement the texture of the hair can be difficult. Many hairstyles cause fine hair to look thinner than it actually is, and can even weigh your hair down, eliminating body and volume. When choosing a hairstyle to flatter fine, straight hair, it is important to add elements of texture, such as layers, to make hair appear thicker and healthier.

Pixie Cut

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The pixie cut is a very short hairstyle that is perfect for fine, straight hair. The pixie consists of short bangs cut in different lengths, with the rest of the hair cut very short in a choppy style. This hairstyle is good for women with fine, straight hair, because there is almost no weight on the hair, allowing it to look thick and full of body. Use a styling gel to mess your hair up slightly, as the pixie is known for it's tomboyish, messy look.

Blunt Bob

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A blunt bob cut is one of the best hairstyles for fine hair. This style involves very bluntly cut bangs that go straight across your forehead, with the rest of the hair cut bluntly at chin length. Volumizing mousse and hairspray can be used very easily to create the illusion of body and volume.

Angled Bob

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An angled bob full of texture is achieved through razor cutting. This style is slightly longer in the front than it is in the back. This style is traditionally worn without bangs but can include them if you prefer. To style, simply run a texturizing gel through your hair while damp.

Long Shag

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A long shag is a layered haircut that falls to about shoulder length. The shortest layers of the shag should fall slightly above the ears. Long shags are achieved through razor cutting, which will provide fine hair with plenty of texture. Shag haircuts are very easy to style and maintain. To style, simply apply a small amount of volumizing mouse to your hair and allow it to air dry.