Haircuts for 14-Year-Olds

By Maria Woehr

Fourteen-year-olds usually want to dress and style themselves like adults. While many teenagers take their styling cues from popular celebrities who are around their age, such as Justin Bieber or Hillary Duff, both teen boys and teen girls have a variety of long and short haircut styles to choose from.

A longer layered cut is popular for teens.

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Girls With Straight or Wavy Hair

The long layered style is a cut widely seen on teenage celebrity girls. These are longer layers that fall below the shoulders. Teens can style these cuts with bangs like Taylor Swift or without bangs like Miley Cyrus. Layered side swept bangs worn by Selena Gomez are also trendy. To achieve this look, blow dry hair with a round brush and style using mousse. To get your hair very straight looking, use a flattening iron and a non-friz styling syrup.

Girls With Short Hair

Pixies or bobs are also popular styles for teenage girls. The bob hairstyle is cut chin length or to the shoulder. It is often a layered cut worn without bangs, but is slightly angled or shorter in the front. Blow out the bob and use a round brush to shape it. Pixie styles are perfect for girls who want a no-hassle sophisticated look. To get this look, blow dry your hair and then use wax to shape your hair.

Boys With Medium Length Hair

Teenage boys with medium length hair can create a layered look with bangs. Use mousse on wet hair and then blow dry hair using a round brush. Brush hair outward so that the hair flips out, creating a surfer-type wave. Boys with longer to medium hair can also do a Pete Wentz cut. This cut is a layered cut for straight hair. The ends of the hair should be razored and uneven and fall in the face. Apply wax for styling and shine.

Boys With Short Cuts

Shorter haircuts can make boys look older and are easy for them to maintain if they play sports. Layered cuts allow teenage boys to experiment with styles. They can backcomb to poof up their hair, use gel to spike it, or use sculpting gel for more of a punk mohawk look. Spikes or crew cuts are a popular haircut during the summer for boys if they want to maintain a clean, no-hassle appearance.