Fashion Styles for Women in Their Fifties

By Shaleah Patterson

A lifetime of fashion hits and misses informs the personal style of women in their fifties. While changes in their bodies may preclude wearing certain skimpy items, they have a distinct advantage over younger women: they know who they are and what they are comfortable wearing without the need for excessive experimentation.

Quality First for Every Style

Wearing clothing, shoes and jewelry of quality is a must for women in their fifties. Instead of buying a variety of cheaper items the focus should be on building a wardrobe of high quality pieces that are well made. High quality fabrics and materials skim over the body hiding flaws and enhancing one's best qualities. Cheaper fabrics bind, do not lay properly and overall are less flattering than high quality items. If a woman in her fifties cannot find an item in anything other than a cheap fabric, than she should consider that item was likely designed for a younger clientele and skip it.

Office Chic

Whether one works in an office or not, the wardrobe of a conservative businesswomen is a winning look for the mature woman. Dressing in well-tailored clothing including suits, slacks and button-down shirts, cashmere sweaters and plain pumps or flats, gives any women an polished look and an air of authority. Select neutral colors for most pieces adding the occasional printed blouse or scarf. A bright-colored lipstick and one of two bold accessories will keep the look fresh.