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As a bright vibrant woman who has reached the age of 50 years young, dress to reflect your style, body shape and pocketbook, not some arbitrary age requirement set long ago. Choose clothing based on fabrics, classic lines, and function. Think of the styles of Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly or Hillary Clinton, all woman who have aged gracefully and dressed timelessly.


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As you get older, some areas of your body may not be as flattering as others. Accentuate the areas that are your best features and minimize those that are not by wearing clothes that are the right shape. Choose scoop necks rather than plunging V-necks, tops with three-quarter sleeves rather than sleeveless tops, and hemlines that are 2 or 3 inches above your knee rather than mid-thigh. Skip wearing a turtleneck, which may create the illusion of a short neck.


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Consider the functionality of the clothes you choose. Pair a sweater set with a classic pant for an informal gathering, choose a velor pant suit for an outdoor park or sporting function, or wear a dress with a scarf for a luncheon. Pick tailored suits or A-line skirts with a tailored jacket for business wear. Choose dresses with a fuller skirt for a night out dancing or a date night. Accent with a pair of well-made comfortable shoes and matching accessories.


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As you get older, the quality of the fabric your clothing is made of becomes more important. Although they are more expensive, luxurious fabrics give your wardrobe a classic, timeless look. Choose a soft cashmere or silk for sweaters, dresses or wraps. Linen gives a crisp look to your dresses, pants or jackets. Use cotton, rayon or raw silk for blouses, dresses, or skirts. Purchase fine pieces of jewelry and designer shoes and purses for accents, because these never go out of style.