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Adding pearls to your leather choker can make for a delicate and beautiful piece of jewelry to wear yourself, or give to a friend as a gift. Leather necklaces, such as a choker, are easy to make using a few jewelry-making tools and leather string.

Measure around your neck just above the collarbone with measuring tape. Add 2 inches to that measurement to make up for knotting and clasping the ends of your choker. Cut a piece of leather string according to your measurement.

Stick one end of your leather string into one of the pieces of your metal clasp. Clamp the clasp around the end using needle-nosed pliers to squeeze the metal together and secure it to one end of your leather string.

Make a knot in the leather string about an inch from the clasped end. Thread your string through one pearl, then knot the leather string on the other end of the pearl. You should now have a long piece of leather string with one end clasped and a pearl with knots on either side of it about an inch from the end.

Measure another inch from the first pearl you put on the string and make another knot. Again thread a pearl onto the leather string and knot the string on the other side of the pearl. Continue doing this until you have reached the other end, making sure to leave an inch of string on the other end to put the other part of the clasp on.

Stick the other end of your string into the remaining piece for your clasp and cinch the medal around the string using thin needle-nosed pliers as you did before.


You can usually find craft and jewelry making pearls with large holes in them in the jewelry section of your local craft store. If you can’t find pearls with large enough holes to loop leather string through, try threading thin clear string through the pearls the length of your leather string. Tie knots in the clear string around each pearl to keep them evenly spaced, then simply twist the clear string and leather string around each other.

If you want to do a thick strip of leather, consider purchasing self adhering pearls, which are pearls cut in half with adhesive glue on one side that you can stick to leather. Play around with leather string and try braiding multiple pieces of leather string and looping pearls onto the strings as you braid.

Play around with different colors of pearls. Pearls come in a variety of colors from traditional white and cream colors as well as black, to dyed pearls such as pink, purple and blue.

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