Cute Short Haircuts for Girls

By Erin Askeland

When deciding what short haircut will work best for a young girl, you need to consider what she does on a daily basis and how much time you are willing to spend maintaining the hair. Overly layered or choppy hair may not be the easiest type of cut to keep up with on a young girl. A short haircut is a good choice because it is easy to manage and style.


The pixie cut is made up of very short layers of hair and works well with most types of hair. However, this cut is especially good for fine hair. Choose this haircut for a simple yet stylish look great for active young girls. Use a small amount of hair gel to create waves in the hair for special occasions. Put small barrettes or bows in the hair as accessories. Regular trims are necessary to keep this haircut neat and tidy.


The bob haircut is a short hair cut that hits at chin length and works for fine, medium or thick hair, both curly and straight. The style can be worn with or without bangs. The bob can be angled so that it is shorter in the back and longer in the front, or the hair can be cut so that it is all the same length. Use this haircut for easy to manage hair and to frame the face. Dress up this haircut by curling it, straightening it or by using barrettes to pull back the bangs or front of the hair. The bob can also be pulled back with a headband or hair tie for sports or other activities.

Long Bob

A longer bob provides a haircut that is a good option for girls because it requires less maintenance than long hair and does not need as much styling as very short hair. A long bob haircut will fall below the chin but still be well above the collarbone. This style is easy to pull back out of the way with hairbands, hair ties, scarves or barrettes. You will also still have the option to braid the hair or tie it in a ponytail unlike a pixie cut or very short bob. A long bob can be worn with different types of bangs like blunt or side bangs, and it is easy to change the style without cutting much hair.