Cool Haircuts for Little Boys

By Lauren Thompson

Boys sometimes have a hard time breaking out of their comfort zone with haircuts. Parents often look for the easiest haircut to style, and don't allow their sons to experiment and express themselves through hairstyles. There are, however, a lot of trendy haircuts that can allow kids to experiment without making parents nervous.

Picking a Haircut

Parents should be knowledgeable about which style will look good on Junior, and be prepared to say no when the haircut will obviously not flatter his features. Boys have a tendency to pick a style based on how "cool" it looks, but are often unaware of how the style will look on them. Face shape plays a large role in the look and feel of a style.

Before puberty, many boys have round faces. The wideness of a chubbier face will be accentuated by a clean cut, so a style specifically made for round faces may help boost his confidence. Look for styles that allow for longer hair on top to be parted at the side, like the trendy "swoop" haircut.

Boys with square and rectangular faces need clean lines around the face and along the sideburns. All-over spiky styles often look great on boys with square faces, but having trim lines along the face will provide the clean and flattering look that will build confidence.

Triangular-shaped faces have thinner jawbones, and a pointier chin. Slender boys will often have this facial shape. Choose haircuts that are shorter and do not fall onto the forehead. Boys with triangular facial shapes often look good in spiky haircuts as well, but the style should allow for the spiking to occur at the middle of the head rather than all over. Height in the middle of the head takes away from the sharp angle of the face.

As boys age, their face will change shape, allowing for a variety of flattering hair styles. Remind boys that although a particular style will not work now, when they're older they may be able to wear the style they prefer.

Find Examples

It's important to give the boy several choices in their hairstyles. Make note of children and adults on TV and online to show them what the hairstyle looks like. Likewise, have them show you any hairstyles they'd like to try out, and come to a consensus before going to a salon. Once at the salon, talk the style choice over with the stylist, and see what words of advice he may have before going ahead with a drastic cut.

Choosing a Good Salon

Parents are often cost-conscious when choosing a salon for their sons' haircuts. Consider going to a nicer salon for a new cut, and then maintaining the cut at a less-expensive salon in the future. Many stylists in chain salons are used to cutting basic hairstyles and can be inexperienced at more complicated styles. If your son has gotten used to a particular stylist, however, it is best to use that stylist when going with a new style. Ask the stylist to go slow when cutting the shape of the hairstyle, so both parent and child are up to speed on how the end result will look.