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Spa scrubs are a wonderful and effective way to exfoliate the skin and enhance the skin's appearance by removing dead skin cells to reveal and help promote soft, smooth, glowing skin. Special scrubs are available for both the face and the body. Many people opt to go to a spa for a professional scrub treatment prior to attending special events or simply to look and feel their best; however, such scrubs are sometimes contraindicated.


During pregnancy, many skin treatments are contraindicated due to the increased sensitivity of the expectant mother's skin and the possible adverse effects on the baby. Many spa scrubs and other treatments contain powerful essential oils or other ingredients that should be avoided. Many expectant mothers even steer clear of potentially harmful products that contain chemicals and opt for only all-natural or organic products. If you are pregnant, always let the spa technician know. Most important, discuss treatments you're considering with your obstetrician or gynecologist beforehand to make sure any treatments are safe for you and your unborn baby.


If you have recently acquired a sunburn, you should avoid spa scrubs until your skin has completely healed. Getting a spa scrub when you have a sunburn would not only be extremely painful, it would further damage your skin and hinder the healing process. Alternately, understand that getting a spa scrub may actually increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun and also increase your susceptibility to sunburn so be sure to use appropriate protection - such as sunscreen - following a scrub treatment.

Open Wounds

If you have an open wound, spa scrubs are contraindicated until the wound has fully healed. Getting a scrub when you have an open would likely cause pain, aggravate the injury, hinder healing and possibly cause an infection. If you are under the care of a dermatologist or doctor for such a wound, consult them regarding when it would be appropriate to get a spa scrub or any skin treatment.

Skin Sensitivities

For many people with skin sensitivities such as rosacea or topical allergies, certain spa scrubs may be contraindicated. Always let your spa technician know of any skin sensitivities or allergies that you may have so they can determine if any given scrub is appropriate for you. In many cases, spas have a gentle, hypoallergenic formulation that may be more appropriate. Always let your spa technician know about any medication you may be taking or about any product you may be using that might cause your skin to be more sensitive. If you are under the care of a dermatologist or a doctor for your skin condition, consider discussing this with them to be sure that the treatment you wish to select is safe and will not aggravate your skin.

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