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A buffet warmer has many benefits, including keeping food heated during your party, which ensures that food is warm and tempting all night. It also allows you to create food in advance, which gives you more time to get yourself ready and greet your guests. Professional food warmers are expensive and can be too large for family homes, but a buffet warmer is easy to make your own using kitchen products.

Set the disposable roasting tray on the service table where you will serve the food. You will not be able to move this after you have lit the candles, so ensure it is in the right place.

Place tealight candles in the roasting tray, leaving equal gaps between each. For small trays, you may find that four tealights will heat the food sufficiently, but larger trays may need more. Avoid leaving large gaps between the candles.

Lie the baking grill on the roasting tray, ensuring it is securely in place and does not wobble.

Remove the baking grill, and light the tealights. Replace the grill over the top.

Place a baking tray or metal serving tray on the grill. Add the food you wish to keep warm to the serving tray on top.


Use different sizes of trays to make warmers for different types of food.


Warn guests that the serving trays are heated so nobody risks getting burnt.

Check the candles regularly, and ensure they are blown out at the end of the party.