Collagen & Keratin Hair Treatment

By Contributing Writer

Hair needs to be treated kindly and gently to grow and to be healthy. It also needs to be fed correctly. Wind, sun, harsh chemicals and the incorrect shampoo can cause havoc on a person's hair. Collagen and keratin supply protein and can add luster and shine to hair.

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Collagen is an important protein of the body's connective tissue. Keratin is a tough protein that hair and nails are made of. Both are important in hair's structure and health.


As a person ages, the body loses the ability to make collagen. Hair can become dry, brittle, coarse, break easily and fall out. Keratin is the dominant protein for keeping hair strong.

Collagen Benefits

Collagen can improve hair's appearance and follicles. Hair care products containing collagen do not just work on the outside layers of the hair, they work all the way down to the scalp and the hair cuticles.

Keratin Benefits

Keratin is used in hair care products to naturally straighten hair. Hair that has been salon treated with keratin remains sleek and smooth for up to three months.


Collagen and keratin supplements are available and work to combat aging hair. They fight off damaging free radicals which can show up visibly in hair's texture, growth and thickness.


Collagen and keratin in hair care products can make hair stronger, less frizzy, shiny, silky, sleek and more manageable. Salons offer treatments and processes can also be done at home. Supplements can help nails and skin as well as hair.