Different types of gelatin

There are a few old wives' tales about keratin, and a few new products with keratin are always available, but the most interesting fact about keratin is that many different types of food products have the gelatin that produce keratin, but it doesn't exist on its own. It does, however, help increase the healthy appearance of your hair, skin and nails and strengthens all of them.


Keratin is made up of mostly dead cells and helps protect your body in layers of skin, nails and teeth. It's produced by amino acids which are formulated from foods that contain gelatin.


Keratin is thought to have some connection with carrots, probably because of the similar-sounding name. In fact, foods connected with keratin are made from gelatin that's from processed animal collagen and protein.


The types of food associated with keratin are Jello or gelatin, canned ham, thickeners for gravies and soups and yogurts. You also need to balance your diet with the right amount of proteins and vitamins.


The effects of having a keratin-rich diet are healthy skin, hair and strong nails. You can also retain the health longer with making sure you moisturize your body and hair regularly with keratin-based beauty products.

Fun Facts

  1. Marshmallows are full of gelatin but have no real nutritional value.
  2. In the animal world, keratin is responsible for the strength of hooves.