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As you hit the 50-year-old age mark, you may consider changing your look but don’t want something drastic. If you’ve had long hair for most of your life, perhaps you want to keep the length and only shape up the look. Maybe you’re looking for something a little more extreme. A bob style for a woman over 50 is not only sleek and stylish, it is practical and easy to maintain.


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If you have shorter hair, a bob cut will give you a more coiffed, put-together appearance. For a sexier bob cut, use a deep side part with bangs that fall right above the eye for that peek-a-boo look. The short, side part bob works well with a round face because it elongates the shape. If you have thinner hair, go with a few layers in the back to add volume. Maintenance is simple. After washing and towel-drying your hair, work a golf-sized amount of mousse into the damp hair. Starting at the center of your right eye, use the tip of the comb and work back to create the side part. Lightly mist the hair with a holding spritz and then blow dry hair in small sections using a large round brush. As you are drying, lift hair at the roots with the brush to give more volume. When dry, rub a small amount of pomade through the hair for extra shine and hold. Now you’re ready to go.


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Getting older doesn’t necessarily mean going shorter. If you’re looking to keep your medium/longer length hair, a bob is one style to consider. If your hair is fine, you’ll want to increase volume by cutting the hair at the crown into small wisps. Frame the face with softer bangs that lie just above the eye. To add even more volume, lighten pieces of hair that frame the face to soften up wrinkles. Simple tips for maintaining a longer bob include using volumizing products catered to your hair type. After washing and towel-drying, work the products through the entire hair with the fingertips. To completely dry, use a large round brush and work through each piece in a circular motion. When dry, mist with a holding spray.


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Layered bobs vary in lengths and styles. For shorter hair, add layers in the back to give more volume. To add volume in medium to longer length hair, create layers throughout the hair. Longer layers cause the eye to focus downward instead of across, therefore detracting from undesired facial features such as a bigger nose or a larger forehead. Cut bangs that rest at the brow bone to soften prominent facial features such as a pointy nose or deep set eyes.

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