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Gray hair hints at a person's level of maturity, but nothing shows age like unkempt hands and fingernails. A beautiful set of nails adds not only to self-esteem but also to a professional, well-groomed and youthful look. One way to achieve picture-perfect nails is to apply sculptured nail enhancements such as those in the Beauty Secrets Professional Sculptured Nail Kit. Allow 45 to 60 minutes for application of a full set of sculptured nails.

Sanitize hands and fingernails with Gel Guard Skin Sanitizer. Allow them to dry.

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Shape nails with the curved cushion board, smoothing any rough edges. Lightly etch surface of nail plate.

Apply Prep B4 to all nails. Allow product to dry.

Fit a nail form underneath the free edge of a fingernail. Press and apply the wings of the form to the sides of the finger for stability.

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Apply nail primer to the fingernail.

Dip the acrylic brush into the nail liquid.

Touch the tip of the brush into the nail powder, forming a ball.

Place the acrylic ball at the end of the fingernail and onto the nail form. Pull and pat the product with the brush to the length you desire.

Repeat Steps 6 and 7. Place the acrylic ball near the cuticle. Pat and spread the acrylic bead to the left side, then to the right side of the nail, stroking the product to the end of the nail tip.

Remove the nail form.

Repeat Steps 4 through 10 on other fingers.

Remove the top layer of acrylic from all nails with the rough side of the cushion board. Shape the nails.

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Buff the surface and sides of all acrylic nails with the smooth side of the cushion board.

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After applying Prep B4 do not touch the surface of the nail bed.

Maintain your set of sculpted acrylic nails by filling in new growth with new acrylic.

Use as many beads as necessary to cover the entire nail. With experience you can get this down to one to three beads.


Follow sanitation and nail preparation steps carefully.

Do not share manicuring implements.

Keep acrylic product from touching your skin.

Discard broken nail tips: Do not glue them back on.

Do not mix products from different manufacturers.