Manicure with gel coating.
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Toenails are made of a smooth, hard substance called keratin. Sometimes keratin debris builds up under the surface of toenails, causing the nails to turn yellow, brown or black. Keratin buildup can also cause nails to lift away from the nail bed. NonyX Nail Gel, a product from the Xenna Corporation, is designed to remove this keratin debris.

About NonyX Nail Gel

According to Xenna Corporation, NonyX Nail Gel works by breaking down the keratin-debris buildup under nails. The product's main ingredient is ethanoic acid, which is made of wheat, fermented corn and water. Ethanoic acid only dissolves keratin debris and will not affect any other part of the nails. The product is available to buy online or at most major drugstores.

How to Use NonyX Nail Gel

Before applying the product, gently rub nails with a file or emery board -- doing so allows the gel to better adhere to the nail surface. Put one or two drops of the gel on each nail, then use the bottle's applicator tip to smooth the gel over the entire nail surface. Let the gel soak in for a few minutes before putting on socks or shoes. Repeat the application three times per week. After three to four weeks of treatment, use a manicure tool to scrape away any softened keratin debris.

Nail Fungus

Keratin buildup often develops due to a fungal infection. When a nail gets infected, it becomes discolored and may turn brittle. If left untreated, the infection causes keratin buildup under the nail. NonyX Nail Gel is not meant to treat fungal infections. If you have an infection, see a doctor for treatment before applying the product. Topical or oral anti-fungal medications may help.