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UV gel nails, which also are called gel nails, are made from the same product used as dental porcelain. They are a way to enhance your fingernails. When it comes time to remove gel nails, it can be done at a salon or at home. When removing UV gel nails in your home, care should be taken to avoid damaging the underlying nail.

File the gel nail with the nail file until there is a thin layer of gel left. File gently to avoid damaging the living nail underneath.

Gently warm the bottle of UV gel nail remover under warm running water for a few minutes.

Pour enough remover into the bowl to cover the nails.

Soak the nails in the remover until the gel softens.

Use the orange stick to gently scrap the gel away while the nails are still submerged. Removing the nails from the solution will allow them to harden again.

Dry your hands with paper towels.

Buff the nails to insure all of the UV gel nail has been removed and the nails are smooth.

Treat the natural nails with conditioning nail oil.