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Salon-quality nails can be expensive. To maintain good looking nails, you must go to the salon every few weeks to have them filled. Brush-on gel resin eliminates the hassle of getting your nails done every few weeks by helping you achieve salon-quality nails at home. You can apply brush-on gel resin to natural nails as well as silk wraps to create a shiny, salon-quality finish.

Scrub nails clean of any dirt with warm, soapy water.

Towel dry the nails.

Shape natural nails with a nail clipper and file.

Rinse and towel dry the nails.

Open the bottle of brush-on gel resin. Pull the applicator brush out of the bottle. Wipe off excess resin on the inside lip of the bottle.

Apply a thin layer of brush-on gel resin to nails starting near the cuticle and brushing toward the tip.

Apply a second coat of brush-on gel resin to nails starting at the cuticle and brushing toward the tip of the nail. Allow to air dry for at least 15 minutes.


Brush-on gel resin is ideal for wrapped nails. Natural nails may chip easily after application. Nail polish applied on top of brush-on gel resin may chip.

To remove brush-on gel resin, soak in nail polish remover or gently buff away with a nail buffer.

Use brush-on gel resin to make quick repairs to nails such as cracks or blemishes.


Use brush-on gel resin in a wide open room to avoid inhalation.

Failure to allow nails to dry fully will result in dents or smears on the nails.