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If you suffer from dry, brittle nails, try hydrating them with a few drops of cuticle oil. Cuticle oil delivers a shot of moisture, vitamins and plant extracts directly to your fingernails, so they'll look shiny and healthy almost instantly after application. It's best to apply cuticle oil daily for consistent results.

Remove any nail polish you are currently wearing so the cuticle oil can penetrate your nails more easily.

Wash your hands, nails and cuticles with soapy water. Dry your hands with a towel.

Lay one hand down flat on a clean towel with your nails facing up. Shake the bottle of cuticle oil a few times.

Brush the oil over your entire nail and cuticle area. When the brush gets dry, dip it back into the bottle of oil, then continue applying. Repeat this process with your other hand.

Massage the oil into your cuticles and the skin around your nail bed. If any excess oil remains, wipe it off with a paper towel.

Reapply cuticle oil every night before you go to bed.


To make your own cuticle oil, combine 1/2 oz. of cold-pressed vegetable oil with five to eight drops of essential oil. Shake well before applying. Discard the oil after two weeks of use.

You can also use cuticle oil on your toenails.

If you have trouble remembering to apply oil nightly, try setting the bottle in a visible spot, such as next to your toothbrush.


Do not paint your nails immediately after applying cuticle oil. The oil may prevent polish from adhering to your nails. Before painting, wash your hands well.