How to Make a Fast-Dry Nail Polish Oil

By Bobbi Walls

It is frustrating to spend time painting your nails and then accidentally scuff them against something. This happens easily, no matter how careful you. The wet surface of nail polish is tacky for a long time, before it actually dries and hardens. There are a couple fast-drying nail polish oils you can make to avoid mishaps. These oils are usually found in your own kitchen.


Olive Oil


Step 1

Poor a small amount of olive oil into a dish. Dip a cosmetic nail brush into the oil. Brush gently over each nail, applying a thick layer of oil over the polished nails.


Step 2

Place hands down on the table in front of you. Spread fingers out. Allow the oil to sit on your nails for five minutes.


Step 3

Dab excess oil off the skin around your fingernails with a soft tissue. Allow the oil that is left to soak into the skin to condition your cuticles.

Cooking Spray


Step 4

Spread a paper towel underneath one of your hands. Lay your hand flat, palm down with your fingers spread. Take a can of cooking spray in the other hand and spray each wet nail with the oil. Repeat this step for the other hand.


Step 5

Keep both hands flat with the fingers spread. Allow the oil to soak into the skin around the nails.


Step 6

Tissue off excess oil from the fingertips and cuticles. Do not wash oil off fingernails for an hour. Wash hands with soap and water after nails are completely dry.