Light Concept Nails (LCN) are professional nail enhancements manufactured by Wilde Cosmetics. They are made of a gel resin composed of a premixed polymer and monomer. To prevent damage to natural nails, removal of LCN enhancements should be done with care.

The removal process should be started when the nails are ready for a refill. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap. Apply cuticle softener and soak your fingers in a manicure bowl to soften cuticle. Gently push back cuticle to expose new natural nail growth.

Check under nail tip for new growth at the free edge of the nail. Cut new growth and gel application, even file and bevel the free edge.

File refill line flush to new growth at the cuticle. Carefully file surface of nail to remove gel layers. Make sure not to etch or file natural nail. Buff lightly. There will still be gel product on the nail. It is best to allow the natural-growth process to remove this gel residual; excess filing will damage the natural nail surface.

Wash hands with antibacterial soap. Apply cuticle oil and massage into cuticle. Apply nail sanitizer to nail plate to remove any oil. Apply nail strengthener to natural nail to repair any damage from gel enhancement. Finish with two coats of polish and top coat if desired. Nail strengthener should be applied over polish between manicures to help with nail growth and repair.


LCN gel nails must be filed off. The gel consistency is thin so care must be taken not to file the natural nail.

Removing any nail enhancement results in damage to the natural nail. It is best to grow the enhancement off of the nail. Professional application and removal of LCN nails or any type of nail enhancement is recommended.

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